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Hello, Detective, You have a New Case on the Gold Coast

Posted in Location & Attractions @ Dec 12th 2015 8:49am - By Administrator
The Escape Hunt Experience V1

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all had our dreams jobs when we were kids and most of the time, they’re too far from what we ended up doing as a profession. Some may have dreamt of becoming an astronaut, or the most famous celebrity, or sometimes, just anything that made our elders roll on the floor laughing while we stood wondering what was funny with what we wanted to be.

If it was the smart detective that you once dreamt of, how about digging that past aspiration and making it come true even just for an hour on the Gold Coast?

Known as the Coast with the Most, the Gold Coast has almost the complete set of tourist attractions that can make you elated, excited, scared, healthier, feeling more beautiful and confident, and whatnots. What’s more, it can even fulfil your dream even just for a few minutes.

If you head on to the Gold Coast’s Southport, you will find a thrilling adventure attraction by the name of The Escape Hunt Experience. With its operations that started on December 2014, this tourist destination has been making detective dreams come true. It makes its guests think like gumshoes as they solve problems and riddles, that will then show their hidden detective skills.

Although The Escape Hunt Experience is already popular around the globe for a long time, it is fairly new and currently the only one of its kind on the Gold Coast so make sure you give it a try with your friends or family.

If you play this adventure, you will be transported back to 100 years ago where you’ll play the role of a famous detective who is on a current case with your buddies. All of you need to solve all the mysteries that will be given to you.

To succeed at The Escape Hunt Experience, you have to make sure you and your companions are all equipped with skills and wits for problem solving and information and clue gathering.

And since this tourist destination has been garnering popularity amongst locals and tourists, online booking is a pre-requisite so that when you arrive, you’re sure to have a room to play the adventure in. So start reserving your room now.

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Image Source : The Escape Hunt Experience


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